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‘Adventures in Paradise’ (WGA reg) is loosely based on the events of Hackgate in London, and weighs in at some 130 pages. That’s a little over two hours in the theatre but the script moves quickly, and works very much like a puzzle. It draws on many sources … British RomComs, Screwball Comedies like the Nick & Nora series, Howard Hawks ‘His Girl Friday’ and Susan and Dr. David Huxley from ‘Bringing Up Baby’, Hitchcock’s stylish who-dunnits, and even PG Wodehouse’s ‘Scoop’.

I hope I’ve drawn on the very best inspirations to tell a story that will last the ages, or at least until I’ve been in the ground for about 50 years!

I wanted to create a new screen icon in Clive Reade, as film goers, especially the female ones, want to see some combination of Cary Grant and Mr. Darcy stroll into a make-believe world, and transport them to a place where people speak in more than commonplace utterances … about extraordinary events. 90744-004-0A84ED6C Philadelphia Story

I’ve had a wonderful time creating a complex character in Clive Reade, who is not so much perfect, as he is lovably imperfect–always catching up with who he needs to be to face the challenges my screenplay throws at him. He is horribly betrayed, but endures in a Buster Keaton kind of way making a brilliant comeback with Aurora Blunton by his side. How does he do it?! He has something almost extinct in our age … character, grace, and intelligence. And, of course, packets of dough and a beautiful brainy woman at his side!

Very helpful, indeed.

The story has plenty of action, just no gratuitous violence–or maybe just a tiny bit–a few busted lips, a broken nose, some rough-housing … But the action constantly shifts forward to keep you guessing in the middle of some pretty complicated developments. It’s made for quick, brainy, visual, media and travel oriented people, and the rest of humanity, who love a good love story about high crimes and misdemeanors, and glamorous, funny romantic films …


‘Adventures in Paradise’co-star Aurora Blunton lives in a flat with her Jack Russell terrier, Tippy … Sophisticated, Cambridge-educated, beautifully turned out, and stunning in any context, Aurora is disastrously out of place at The Sentinel, (tabloid) where she lands in a terrible career move due to a frame-up and betrayal. Her progress as a major player in the London scene and Hackgate investigations are issues I paid close attention to, as I want women who love film and women in film to feel honored and even thrilled by her presence. Possible casting ideas include Carey Mulligan of ‘An Education’ … as I thought she was terrific in this, and other roles. Carey Mulligan as Aurora Blunton

London, Journalism, high crimes and misdemeanors, love, intrigue, and international locations … Where else but in my films?

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