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Hello all … Today and everyday until it’s sold I’m writing about my ‘Adventures in Paradise‘ screenplay set in London. The script draws from various inspirations and sources to create a mixed genre film that I hope will break box office in 2018.

The first draft of about 80 pages was written in response to an OP/ED Dan Hodges penned for The New Statesman defending the NOTW. Though Hodges might have been writing in jest, I wrote a letter to the Eitor in support of privacy – inspiring myself to finish the first draft, and launch this pet project, that has gone through enough twists and turns to merit its own screenplay … Thus, ‘Adventures in Paradise’ was born, a  romantic comedy-revenge caper (WGA reg) weighing in at 130 pages, and completely original in the way it looks at the events of Hackgate … But to say that ‘Adventures’ is just about Hackgate is a bit like saying ‘Bringing Up Baby’ is about cougar conservation. AIP is about how Hackgate and the kinds of people and techniques used in Hackgate disrupted lives, and, in a sense, changed the course of human history.


RETROSPECTIVE: KATHARINE HEPBURN — Image by © Sunset Boulevard/Corbis

Clive Reade (written with Colin Firth in mind) is a celebrity in his own right: the third richest man the world with a premier 5 star luxury hotel resort collection, he’s elegant, smart, and decent. Clive brings back a cinematic presence no one has seen in a long time … since Cary Grant. Aurora Blunton, a Cambridge educated reporter, is stunning in any context, and provides Clive with his first equal partner. Though her personal and professional experiences, she gives Clive another window into the culture of Hackgate. Together the two conduct something like their own Leveson Inquiry, except that their exploits are much more interesting and entertaining … even caperish. London by Albertonardelli

Can a romantic comedy-revenge caper deliver a proper perspective on Hackgate? Actually, I believe it is the only way to treat the issues without becoming preachy and descending into what I call ‘kitchen sink drama’ or the kind of boring preachy movies of the 70’s.

‘Adventures in Paradise’ is funny, satiric, and at times justifiably savage, brutal, and surprising in the way it pushes the envelope to examine privacy issues, love, harmony between career men and women, secretive lives, and even the odd moment of thuggery recalling the Krays. No surprise, I’m looking for an agent in the UK or US with the power to reach across the pond, as most of the roles are written for British actors, and many of the film’s locations are based in the UK.

There are key roles for Americans (or actors who can impersonate them) – notably Californian millionaire bad boy Trent Cortigan ~ a role that calls for a presence like Chris Hemsworth … In fact, I’d hold up a production schedule just to secure him for the film … Unleash the Kraken!Chris Hemsworth as Trent Cortigan in #AdventuresShooting locations also include Cambridge UK, Cornwall, the Isles of Scilly, Geneva, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and various luxury island resorts … St John’s, Marbella, and the Seychelles. mqdefault Buble in London

And I’d like Michael Buble to sing ‘Foggy Londontown’ …

Buy cheap, buy twice, invest in the goods, and you’ll be repaid 500 million times over, that’s my motto, and I hope you agree …

By the way, it’s useless to resist, as I’ve written the feel-good movie of the year for people with – brains!

‘Adventures in Paradise’ a story of tabloid vandalism set against great wealth, poverty, corruption, betrayal of decency and innocence … with many great comic turns. Clive and Aurora find redemption from the tabloid life through their investigative adventures together and through love …claridges-map-room-london.jpg

(Above: Claridges Map Room designed by David Linley … Another ‘Adventures’ location.)

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