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Hello all! @europabridge scribe and author of ‘Adventures in Paradise’ Hackgate romantic comedy-revenge caper screenplay, the sequel, ‘Return to Paradise’ … eight additional screenplays, and a novel about a young woman coming to terms with her life in America, Borrowed Light: A Novel in Stories.

A brief post about locations in ‘Adventures in Paradise’ as there are many, and for good reason.

Before I returned to the US a few years ago, I covered perhaps as many as 100,000 miles in my travels, and conceived of my ‘Adventures’ screenplay as a way to revisit my vision of the world, as seen from the perspective of airplane windows, taxis, ships, hotel rooms, trains, and other transportation modes – in a more global than local view of life. Because frankly, local sucks. I’ve also used the script at times as a postcard of sorts for travel to the UK … Thus, ‘Adventures in Paradise’ features major settings in London, Cambridge, the Cornish Coast, Lake Geneva, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and various luxury island retreats like St John and Switzerland … Why? Because Clive Reade, my hero, conveniently owns  the largest and most luxurious 5 star hotel-resort chain in the world.

The picture-postcard approach to filming AIP greatly appeals to me, and I think it appeals to many film-goers. Some of the most successful films have had vibrant LIVE locations, and I stand by the idea of an international film that travels the world and uses globalization not to destroy nations but to draw individuals to Clive Reade’s generous resorts and hotels.

A solemn promise, however: there will be no 3-D version of ‘Adventures in Paradise’ … though human life is explored in as many dimensions as possible.

At any rate, because the Cornish Coast is so beautiful, mysterious, and romantic (home to Le Carre, Agatha Christie, and Daphne Du Maurier), I wanted some of the more romantic sequences in ‘Adventures’ to be filmed there, in addition to a scene featuring my Cornwallian Chef – Clarence Stapleton in his new St Ives restaurant – STAPLETON’s.

The romantic aspect between Clive and Aurora in ‘Adventures’ is somewhat submerged, and may be more of a subplot, due to the fact that they do not come together as a couple until some 80 minutes into the story … all while avoiding each other, bumping into each other, and discovering they actually LIKE each other. You might chart their progress like so: starting out as enemies, becoming wary colleagues, good friends and Hackgate investigators, and then coming together as a couple. Actually, their relationship becomes one of the vehicles for how the film solves its mysteries, as they pool their better resources and work together to get solve all the many conundrums of the plot. And this is why ‘Adventures in Paradise’ is a Romantic Comedy-Revenge Caper.

After unraveling a number of tabloid boondoggles together, all quite taxing and exhausting, Clive Reade and Aurora Blunton take a long weekend off the coast of Cornwall where they wander around the Isles of Scilly, as William and Kate did on their honeymoon.

Sometimes I use a montage scene technique between Clive and Aurora, other times comic moments help them discover a dynamic between themselves – and after they jokingly challenge each other to a drinking contest Clive wins hand-down.

Is it the people, great seafood, excellent wine, stunning landscape of Cornwall, or removing themselves from the madhouse of London that finally seals their hugely lovable fate? I’m not exactly a pushover, but even I was bowled over by this lushly romantic weekend they share alongside scones, pasties, Gin & Tonics, golf carts rides, rock pooling, and bushels of Cornish roses filling every vase to overflowing, with the wind from the Cornish Sea blowing through the sheers … The Isles of Scilly play a key supporting role in bringing Clive and Aurora together. Just as all my locations are key for developing the action and placing characters in unique places that drive the plot forward. Adventures indeed! … Stay tuned. isles-of-scilly-pelistry-bay-beaches-1432-large.jpg

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(Photo above by Tresco blog, Isles of Scilly)